Smilefast beautiful straight teeth in months, not years

Do you want a beautiful smile with straight teeth in months rather than years?
We now offer Smilefast just for you!

Smilefast is a new exciting alternative to normal braces allowing dentists to straighten your teeth in 6-9 months, instead of the traditional 2-3 years.

The Smilefast Digital Indirect Bonding System uses 3D imaging to identify precise bracket position, essential for fast, straightforward orthodontic treatment. This technology allows us to achieve predictable tooth movement and the highest quality results in just 6-9 months.

Most of our adult patients want straight teeth fast without metal braces so Smilefast is a cosmetic treatment designed for the adult patient's needs in mind.

Smilefast FAQs

Do I have to wear silver metal braces?
With Smilefast we use very discrete clear braces and special white wires. This means you have the benefit of the accuracy of braces without the hassles of the color and size of metal braces.

Do the clear brackets discolour?
No, the clear brackets will don't discolour. The tiny elastic rings that are placed around the bracket can however occasionally discolour if the patient regularly consumes heavily coloured food and drinks, such as coffee and red wine. However these rings are changed at each visit so that your braces remain clear.

Does Smilefast cost more than regular braces?
Please speak to us about the cost and payment options. While Smilefast is advanced technology with clear braces it does take less time than ordinary braces so is less expensive.

How does Smilefast straighten teeth in only 6-9 months?
Our focus with Smilefast is on the cosmetic correction of your smile using revolutionary Smilefast technology. The Smilefast technique allows us to straighten your teeth far more efficiently than with traditional orthodontic techniques. While 6 months is the average treatment time, some patients finish in 3-4 months while more complex cases can take up to 9 months.

Is Smilefast uncomfortable?
Smilefast patients report that braces remain comfortable throughout their treatment. Some patients experience sensitivity following the braces being put on however this quickly resolves itself within a couple of days.

Smilefast or clear aligners – which is for me?
Clear aligners are effective for some patients, however they often cannot treat more difficult cases, have a much longer treatment time and results are not as predictable as with fixed braces like Smilefast. Smilefast is the ideal alternative and many patients agree. Why? The reasons are simple – with Smilefast you get a better result in a much faster time that also costs you less.

Why is Smilefast only for adults?
Smilefast is a cosmetic treatment and as such is only available for adult patients. Children's jaw function and bite correction considerations prevent them from being Smilefast candidates.

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